ASN Solar Newsletter by Jim Fahey

ASN will witness a major solar event this year.  A total solar eclipse will cross from Texas to Maine on April 8, 2024.  We wish to thank Michael Spingler for the research he has done. It’s time for ASN astronomers to prepare for these two events. Please go to this website for safety information: Safety | 2023 Annular Eclipse – NASA Solar System Exploration

Our first objective is to gain knowledge and test equipment for this event. Jim Fahey is having a “Solar Sunday Seminar” on March 3, 2024, from 2 pm until the last question is answered. This is a family affair. Children welcome. Bring bathing suits for solar viewing in the HOT TUB. Hot Dogs and Hamburgers will be provided. Please bring your non-alcoholic beverage, chair, and umbrella to the backyard. Naturally, bring the camera, telescope, and/or solar projector to practice settings on cameras, telescope filters, and projector setups. This is an ideal time to test your solar equipment with a practice setup. You will have a month to order material based on the information provided at this Seminar. If you are having questions or difficulty, an ASN member will be there to help solve the problem. Those who do not have solar equipment can take notes on how to safely observe the sun with their eyes and/or telescopes.  At this event, there will be ASN-experienced solar photographers, solar-safe viewing, and telescopes in the yard.

Please RSVP by texting or calling 775-356-0102 with your intention to attend this seminar. Jim is not an expert on solar, therefore if you have some experience with total solar eclipses, please help your fellow ASN members. The more the better! Sharing ideas is the hallmark to a great seminar. If this is your first Eclipse, you will learn a lot. 

If the weather is poor on March 3, there will be a retry on March 10. March 9 is the Messier Marathon.

Map of Location

311 Indian Sage Ct.  Take Pyramid north – Turn right at UHaul to Horizon View –  park on Horizon View after you unload equipment at 311 Indian Sage Ct.

Phone: 775-356-0102

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