I would like to begin by saying Hello to all of the ASN members new and old. I have been a member for a couple of years and really enjoy the indoor events. Especially in the winter. I really enjoy the monthly club meetings. The club Officers make sure that there is always an informative and very interesting topic to discuss at the meeting. After the presentation, there is always an opportunity for questions and discussion and this is the part I love. I love looking at the stars but except for the major constellations I admit I get pretty lost and frustrated.

I have made some great friends with the ASN membership who have always been VERY helpful in teaching me creative ways to not only find objects but give me pointers to find them myself the next time. At the meetings, there are always members to discuss how to find the Orion Nebula or discuss Cosmic String Theory which I did not understand until our Vice President Dennis Jamison discussed it at one of our meetings. I asked questions in what I call "Fourth Grade Terms" and all of the members at the meeting were so helpful.

What I would like to impart to all of you is that this club wants to help everyone have a great experience whether it be by becoming a better viewer with your telescope or understanding how and why those stars are out there.