On October 14, 2023, near Carlin – Primeaux, Nevada,  starting at 3:07 to 5:49 PM there will be an annular eclipse. It is a good idea for members to start making carpool plans for the 4-hour trip.

Remember, this is an easy place to reach just off I80, although parking may be a problem.

There are some great websites dedicated to the study of solar and lunar eclipses, past and future. These tools are especially handy for the upcoming Annular Eclipse October 14, 2023. 

Kudos to ASN member Michael Spingler for bringing these websites to our attention.

ALSO: April 8, 2024, for 3+ minutes from Texas to Maine there will be a total eclipse of the sun. A good view will be more than a day's drive from Reno.  ASN is not planning any motel or city locations for this event.  Many of you will travel east to visit friends and relatives in the Midwestern and Eastern cities.  This will scatter ASN members. However, if you want to independently organize a group trip to a city and share a motel, NOW is the time to make such plans.