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September 10th

What’s up Tonight September, 10th;

The planet Jupiter is in the constellation Taurus, Uranus is in Pisces, Neptune is in Aquarius, the dwarf planet Pluto is leaving  Scutum and entering Sagittarius, Saturn and Mars are in Virgo.  At dawn if you look to east you will see the brightest planet Venus rising it is leaving the constellation of Cancer and entering the constellation of Gemini. 


Upcoming events

September 4th – 14th Epsilon Perseid meteor shower. Peak 9/10

September 21st Public Stay Party Sparks Marina sunset till 10pm


The International Space Station

Won’t be visible again until Sept 14


Dawn 6:09am

Sunrise 6:41am

Solar Noon 12:56pm

Sunset 7:11pm

Dusk 7:42pm

Elevation 54deg


Moon rise 1:03am Moon sets 3:516pm

Elevation 69deg

36% Full


Venus rises 2:59am sets 5:10pm

Elevation 68deg

Mars rises 11:07am sets 9:25pm

Elevation 34deg

Jupiter rises 11:16pm sets 1.56pm

Elevation 72deg

Saturn rises 9:48am sets 9:00pm

Elevation 42deg



Currently you will need a larger telescope to view any of the 208 comets that are up in the sky.



There are currently 814 confirmed exoplanets.


Asteroid Alert

Name 2012 PM28

Miss Distance 19,238,400Km

Velocity 17.64 km/s

Size 68m – 150m


Name 2011 ES4

Miss Distance 26,803,200Km

Velocity 12.96 km/s

Size 20m – 44m


All of the above times are based on my location in Lemon Valley. Times will vary a few seconds to a minute or two based on where you live.


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October 8th

What’s up Tonight October 8th;

Tonight, the constellation Cassiopeia which is the W pattern of stars in the Northeast is now higher in the sky than the Big Dipper.


Upcoming events

Oct 5th Public Star Party Redfield Campus Maclean Observatory 8pm-10pm

Oct 12th Public Star Party Redfield Campus Maclean Observatory 8pm-10pm…

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