What’s Up Tonight 7/31/15 Weekend Edition

What’s Up Tonight 7/31/15 Weekend Edition



Rises 5:59am Sets 8:13pm Elevation 68Deg


Mercury rises 6:18am Sets 8:41pm

Venus rises 8:00am sets 8:48pm

Mars rises 4:48am sets 7:32pm

Jupiter rises 7:37am sets 9:11pm

Saturn rises 3:06pm sets 1:13am

Uranus rises 11:21pm sets 12:18pm

Neptune rises 9:44pm sets 8:53am

Moon Maddness

Rises 8:22pm, sets 6:19am

Full Moon 99%

Comets (Flying Icebergs)

Please refer to an astro program for current information


M39 Open Cluster Cygnus RA 21h 31m 56s DEC 48deg 25’ 14’ Mag 4.59

M22 Globular Cluster Sagittarius RA 18h 36m 24s DEC -23deg 54’ 28” Mag 5.2

VDB107 Neb Scorpius RA 16h 29m 24s DEC -26deg 25’ 54” Mag 0.92

VDB99 Neb Neb Scorpius RA 15h 58m 51s DEC -26deg 6’ 51” Mag 2.89

NGC5904 Globular Cluster Serpens Cauda RA 15h 18m 33s DEC 2deg 5’0” Mag 5.7

NGC6633 Open Cluster Ophiuchus RA 18h 27m 15s DEC 6dec 30’ 24” Mag 4.59

Today’s Thing

Not only is it a full Moon but it’s also a Blue Moon.

Up Coming Events

Please check the Astronomical Society Of Nevada Web site for more information

3rd Friday of every month, weather permitting. Sparks Marina buy the White Gazebo 8pm-10pm

Aug 7-9 Larson Volcanic National Park Star Party

Sept 10-12 Great Basin National Park Star Party


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