What’s Up Tonight 6/18/15

What’s Up Tonight 6/18/15



Rises 5:33am Sets 8:29pm Elevation 73Deg


Mercury rises 4:30am Sets 6:35pm

Venus rises 9:03am sets 11:21pm

Mars rises 5:26am sets 8:26pm

Jupiter rises 9:44am sets 11:38am

Saturn rises 6:02pm sets 4:04am

Uranus rises 2:01am sets 2:53pm

Neptune rises 12:26am sets 11:33pm

Moon Maddness

Rises 7:48am, sets 10:06pm

Waning Crescent 5%

Comets (Flying Icebergs)

Lovejoy Currently in Ursa Minor mag 12.8, forms a triangle with the stars Urodelus and Alifa al Farkadain.


C35 Elliptical Galaxy Coma Berenices RA 13h 0m 8s DEC 27deg 58’ 34” Mag 11.5

C45 Spiral Galaxy Bootes RA 13h 27m 31s DEC 8deg 53’ 10” Mag 10.1

Today’s Thing

Summer is now 3 days away and the Summer Triangle is now high in the sky

Up Coming Events

Please check the Astronomical Society Of Nevada Web site for more information

3rd Friday of every month, weather permitting. Sparks Marina buy the White Gazebo 8pm-10pm

July 15th-19th Golden State Star Party

Aug 7-9 Larson Volcanic National Park Star Party

Sept 10-12 Great Basin National Park Star Party


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