Newsletter Format Changes

We're sad to say that our previous Newsletter Coordinator, Parthena, has had some turmoil with her employment situation and will be leaving us soon for a new job in Virginia. Parthena has done a wonderful job publishing the newsletter over the last couple years and she will be missed greatly. When we have a better idea on when she will be leaving, we will have a going away dinner for her and her husband, Clint. An email will be sent out to everyone with details.

Rather than try to teach someone new how to use Microsoft Publisher (which few folks have anyway), we decided to take this opportunity to try something different. You will notice that The Asteroid has a new look and feel: it is written in HTML and is closely integrated with the ASN's website. This format has several advantages, one of which is to encourage more user interaction with the website. However, it is not as 'mail friendly' as the previous format. We would like your feedback on whether you like this new format or would prefer to go back to the previous format.

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