Staying warm at a Star Party

As you know March and Oct is when ASN holds its all night star parties. With that in mind I’ve written this article on staying warm and comfortable while you’re doing an all niter.

While having the right observation equipment is important, staying warm on a cold viewing night is the key to having a good night. When I go to a viewing site on a cold night I have two sets of clothing, one for setting up and one for viewing. Since I’ll be moving around a lot and more than likely sweating I like to dress in shorts or light long pants and a t-shirt when I set up. I do this so I’m able to get dry before I put on cold weather cloths. Wearing wet cloths in the cold will rob your body of the warmth it needs and it could cut short your night. So once I’m set up and I’ve dried off I will then get ready to put on my cold weather cloths and I won’t start that till I start feeling cool. I do this so I don’t start to sweat.

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Astronomy Power and Imaging Trailer PDF Links

I created a couple of PowerPoint presentations the last couple of years for the ASN meetings.

The first was regarding managing field power for imaging.

The second was regarding a 5x8 cargo trailer I built to support imaging and astronomy camping.

Jeff Wolff

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