TMCC comes to ASN

TMCC comes to ASN!

Three TMCC students came to our star party at Sparks Marina.  Wow we are really becoming a service to the community.  Did we put on a show for them?  Tim, James, Jim, Gigi, and Phil gave them the universe!  Starting with Jupiter and its Great Red Spot, M31-M32, Double stars, to the Double Double stars and many more, they were making drawing and taking notes right and left. Oh yes about 20 more of the general public got the same show.  What a good night.

Jim Fahey


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Join us at an ASN Members BBQ!

We invite all ASN members (and those who would like to join) to come down to Wilson Commons Park in Washoe Valley on Saturday, September 24th, for a potluck BBQ!  This will be a great opportunity to commune with your fellow ASN members in the daylight and place a face to…

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Other Observing Opportunities...

While the ASN offers many activities, we know there may be times that you wish to go star gazing and we don't have anything planned on our calendar.  Fortunately, there are other organizations nearby that may have some observing events planned.  Following are some of the other observing opportunities nearby:…

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Become an Active Member!

Why be an active member? Because it is fun!! I cannot express the joy I feel when someone looks into my telescope and says “WOW!” You now have the interest of that person to your interest. You now have a common bond for the next 10 to 15 minutes on what they saw in the eyepiece. That is it. Human to human relationship has been established.

Obstacles to overcome:

General Meeting (Second Tuesday of the month at the Planetarium)

Astronomical Society of Nevada’s general meetings are on the second Tuesday of the month. We have improved our monthly meetings with at least one half hour educational event. Many people join our club to gain knowledge about astronomy. Hence, we provide a forum for discussion. Please check often and your e-mails for the subject of the month. E-mail me your topic for the month. I will try to schedule it. Okay, no more boring parliamentary business meeting!!

Public Star Parties (1st Friday at the Redfield Campus and 3rd Friday at the Sparks Marina)

The two complaints I hear are:

  • My telescope is small and no one will look through it.
  • I am not an expert and I cannot answer questions.…

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Why we do school star parties...

Those of us that do school star parties know that they can be quite rewarding.  I believe the recent letter we received from a school teacher summarizes things quite eloquently:

"I wanted to thank you so much for your wonderful star gazing presentation at our school this past April.  It was enjoyed immensely by Fernley Elementary school students and parents alike.  I had many parents come and thank us for providing this opportunity.  At FES we strive to provide opportunities for parental involvement.  This created a great opportunity that everyone could enjoy.…

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