What to do with a comet?

A massive two-mile-wide comet will be visible from Earth in late 2013, possibly appearing brighter than the moon during November and December, according to astronomers.

I would like to brain storm with all members on what ASN could due during this time period.

Jim Fahey

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Annular Eclipse Round Up

One year ago ASN voted to go big in promoting the eclipse. We would work in partnership with the Planetarium. Our goals were to:

Develop a power point or lesson plan on what an eclipse is, and how to safely watch the eclipse.

A contact person for each of the…

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Attention Teachers:

The Astronomical Society of Nevada has received 2 of 11 “Kits” from NASA suitable for classroom teaching. The first is “Our Magnetic Sun” and the second is “Life in the Universe.” If you are a member or a school member you may check out these classroom training aids for your…

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Star Party at “ The Nature Conservatory” in Minden.

With just basic word of mouth, Chris Johnson pulled off the impossible for a Thanksgiving Friday star party. 25 people showed up for a peek through ASN members' telescopes. This is a nice dark skies area. The ¾ moon was too bright to have real deep sky viewing. Chris did…

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Sparks Marina and TMCC

Three TMCC students came to our star party at Sparks Marina.  Wow we are really becoming a service to the community.  Did we put on a show for them?  Tim, James, Jim, Gigi, and Phil gave them the universe!  Starting with Jupiter and its Great Red…

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